What to Look For In A Total Internet Security Software Solution

While looking for robust protection on the internet against a variety of threats, do not ignore your privacy and data security while surfing the net. We usually like to make a checklist of what to look for in Internet security software to know if it’s a good one for your computer or not. There are a lot of software and programs to choose from today. The best of the security software carry antivirus and anti spyware protection, malware protection, firewall, as well as other security tools like anti-phishing, anti-spam, information erasers, and a lot more. Though usually not bundled you can buy a service that uses private proxy server and allows you to surf the net in a safe and private environment. Lastly, make sure your data is scrambled in both directions, submitting and receiving using SSH encryption.

The firewall is usually the first thing that we would look at when determining which Internet security software to get or purchase. The firewall helps in screening out malicious hackers who might want to steal your private information. Most computers today actually already have built-in firewalls. Check to see if it is turned on for your protection. If your computer does not have a firewall, consider this the top priority when taking a look at the security suites and programs. When you augment it with private proxy server and anonymous proxy and SSH encryption you have a solid secure foundation.

An anti virus program should also be in the security suite. Viruses are constantly evolving. And while antivirus programs are making great efforts to counter these harmful bugs, there are always new ones created to counterattack. This is also the same for the anti spyware program that should also be in the internet security suite. Spyware is the same as viruses in that they are also constantly evolving to bring more damage to our computer system. The antispyware helps in defending against spyware, adware, key loggers, Trojans, and more. These two are the next important features you have to check with the security suites because these are usually the reasons why your computer could crash, have it reformatted, and even delete all your files.

The best internet security packages would also have other security tools in them for more protection and safeguarding. These features would include anti-phishing, email protection, IM scanning, parental controls, and more. Again using software that routes the internet connection through multiple proxy servers can let you surf anonymously. Usually these software come with encryption built in the service.

Aside from the security tools that the whole package has, you might also want to take a look at the reviews and comments about the usage of the program. Most users would especially want software that is user-friendly and easy to use and install. Security software nowadays are not only designed for their purpose of protecting our computers. It is also designed to make it easier for us to use and control them despite the varying knowledge we have with computers. The installation of the software is specifically designed to be more accommodating and simple. The installation process can sometimes be confusing with some programs, and it should not be so with security suites.

Another feature that you might want to check with is the technical support and customer service function of the Internet security software. The manufacturers of the security suites know that it is essential to provide a help centre and FAQs section in their programs. A user manual or a tutorial is also another way to help the users. Providing their contact information is also a must. The best security suites offer friendlier customer service by providing their phone number, email address, and even their IM.

There are surveys online that keep tabs on the best security suites and their features. Giants like McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton and several others are constantly improving their programs to offer better protection for our computers. All you need to is to watch out for the updates and security tools that the Internet security software has. Now some of them have constant live updates. Lastly, do not skip on using software service that uses proxy servers to create anonymous surfing environment and secure encrypted transmission.


Still in Fear Over Social Media?

I could just tell you to dive right in, or I could tell you that having a strategy or plan needs to be put in place first. However you choose to see it, the fear is an irrational feeling and usually driven by a lack of experience or knowledge.

Sometimes, as a social media marketer, we forget that this virtual world, the world we live and breathe every day, isn’t real. It’s virtual. Even though it is virtual, it is filled with opportunity, benefits, network building, connecting, and of course, learning.

The main goal, when taking lessons from social sites, is applying it to real life. Things that pay the bills and things you enjoy all provide satisfaction to those who work in this atmosphere.

However, many of these sites can be abstract and tends to have some negatives, especially to newcomers. It can present a feeling of being overwhelmed and bring a sense of fear as well.

In my learning, those who are new to the social media world, once they get familiar with the tools provided, they can usually do what they do best. For instance, if you help customers, but are used to one-on-one conversation, opening the door to social media will allow you to do the same after learning the tools. So you can get in, where you fit in. Helping customers is number one, and using these sites allows this infinitely.

Also in my experience, having a plan with guidelines to follow will help to navigate these sites and make the most of your networking. If you are new to this, conducting a Google search on the appropriate topic will land you some guidelines.

Time and time again, I hear about the wonderful connections made with customers and colleagues through these social sites, so if you’re still nervous about joining in on the fun, just try it out. I think you may be amazed at just how easy and beneficial it is.


Time Management – How Do You Spend Your Business Hours?

Most small business owners have at least one shared complaint; there simply isn’t enough time in the day. Why is that? Well mostly it’s because business owners wear too many hats. Accountant, marketing, sales, internet maintenance, employee management, the list goes on and on. What you need is an effective time management system. I have found that implementing just a few minor changes can make all the difference in the world.

· 25% of all small business owners would gladly pay $500.00 per day for just one extra hour

· 40% of business owners take on 3-4 different roles while 30% take on 5-6.

· 50% of business owners find multitasking the most difficult part of their job

· The number one time waiting effort in business is waiting for information, the number two is failure in the lines of communication (see a correlation?)

It seems all of our modern technology created to save time is actually costing us quite a bit of it. Mostly it’s because we tend to stumble through all of our programs in a haphazard fashion. We often do not utilize the full capabilities of our programs that are intended to unify our business and their quality of service tends to suffer for it. We have found that implementing just a few changes can help out tremendously.

Organize Your Schedule and Communication

Use one universal organization program like Microsoft Outlook or Daylight. These integrate calendars, emails, and schedules in one program that can be shared thought the company. Systems like these also enable those in the communications side to be in the loop in and update each other in real time. This way all managers and owners are up to date as to everyone’s itinerary, what needs to be done, what has been done, how long it should take, and who is responsible for the completion of each task.

Set Your Priorities

Step two, prioritize your day. Instead of doing 6 things at once, pick the most important task for the day and focus on that until that is done. Delegate 2-3 hour slots for the rest of your day. You can rotate through several tasks and then at the end of your day, carry the most important unfinished task and set it as your next day’s priority. And revolve through the rest and so on.

Limit Your Email Times

Step three. Stop checking you emails! Reduce email time to twice a day, in 15 minute slots. Say 7 and 5, or 10 and 3. Whatever works, Let people know your time that you check and that you can only respond during those times. You should also reduce your inbox every day to zero. Too much clutter in your inbox clutters your mind. Eliminate all unnecessary newsletters if they are not relevant to your business. Keep personal emails on a separate account and check them at home.

Go Mobile

Mobile Apps are essential. You can utilize time clocks, and integrate your organization programs with you mobile apps. We use daylight which combines all of the most important schedule features, client data and calendars and it also has an iPhone app which we use to link and share date back and forth. We also set timers on all of our tasks to let us keep track of our own productivity.

Combine Your Social Media Pages

Combining your Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, and email list campaigns enables you to update your status and share stories from one location and have it sent to all of your marketing platforms. This will save you a great deal of time and can be done a couple of times a week with relatively little time spent with the added benefit of increasing your content on the search engines.

As long as you’re required to do the job of six people, you might as well combine as many tasks as possible while reducing the amount of time required completing your other tasks. If you use your time and technology wisely and efficiently, you should be able to spend more time on ensuring that your business is running at peak levels without sacrificing your client’s experience.


Best Android Games: Jewellust, Nesoid and Farm Frenzy


The Android Jewellust game navigates you to the Ancient Egypt where you can switch and break open colorful gems, find mosaic tiles and move around pyramids. The user has to navigate 30 levels in 7 pyramids and an underground Temple to reach Pharaoh’s power. You can make use of Santa to deliver gifts, pass 7 villages and solve jigsaw puzzles. The game takes you to a number of levels, power-ups and scores. You can play in survival mode for high scores, after getting skilled in this game, otherwise the user has to switch into campaign mode, which is meant for the novice in the game. The game offers rich graphics to enjoy, charming sounds and different shapes to play around. The game is very funny, addictive and a good time-killing exercise.

Nesoid (NES Emulator)

Nesoid is the famous NES/FC emulator for Android apps and it offers you practically unlimited gaming possibilities. It provides the facility to play NES games in your favorite Android phones. But before you start playing games, you have to download and play NES ROMS, and then install it in your system. You can store the games on your Android phone SD memory card. It contains some great old NES titles. Nesoid offers various options to play. You can adjust the display to full screen or native resolution. You can also play NES Zapper games using the touch screen. Nesoid thoughtfully features an on-screen virtual d-pad along with start and select buttons. If you are a GI/HTC owner and don’t might buying apps, Nesoid is a worthy option. Nesoid is tailored for retro gaming fans.

Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy is a mobile version of the famous award-winning PC game and is now available for Android. It is a simulated game and the objective of the game is that you have to look after your own farm and adopt low key farming strategy. With this game, you can manage your farm, rear the animals and harvest their produce like eggs or wool and make products like cupcakes, cheese and butter, and then finally offer it for sale. You have to feed the animals well and protect them from predators. This includes, bears, which falls from the sky on the cows and you have to combat them, otherwise it makes your progress slow. By monetizing this game, you can use the money you earned to improve your farm, and then move from one puzzle to another with increasing difficulty. The graphics for this game is good and neat. The tutorials provided in this game offers an added advantage and serves as a valuable guide as the game unfolds. Overall, this is a great, unique and addicting game for the Android fans.