Still in Fear Over Social Media?

I could just tell you to dive right in, or I could tell you that having a strategy or plan needs to be put in place first. However you choose to see it, the fear is an irrational feeling and usually driven by a lack of experience or knowledge.

Sometimes, as a social media marketer, we forget that this virtual world, the world we live and breathe every day, isn’t real. It’s virtual. Even though it is virtual, it is filled with opportunity, benefits, network building, connecting, and of course, learning.

The main goal, when taking lessons from social sites, is applying it to real life. Things that pay the bills and things you enjoy all provide satisfaction to those who work in this atmosphere.

However, many of these sites can be abstract and tends to have some negatives, especially to newcomers. It can present a feeling of being overwhelmed and bring a sense of fear as well.

In my learning, those who are new to the social media world, once they get familiar with the tools provided, they can usually do what they do best. For instance, if you help customers, but are used to one-on-one conversation, opening the door to social media will allow you to do the same after learning the tools. So you can get in, where you fit in. Helping customers is number one, and using these sites allows this infinitely.

Also in my experience, having a plan with guidelines to follow will help to navigate these sites and make the most of your networking. If you are new to this, conducting a Google search on the appropriate topic will land you some guidelines.

Time and time again, I hear about the wonderful connections made with customers and colleagues through these social sites, so if you’re still nervous about joining in on the fun, just try it out. I think you may be amazed at just how easy and beneficial it is.


The Impact of Social Media in a Job Search and How It Helps You to Remain Motivated

Emergence of social media has had a huge impact on how employers and job seekers find each other. If you are looking forward to a successful job search, then you need to utilize social media maximally. The following are the ways in which social media has revolutionized job search.

It is Easy to Let Friends Know That You are Looking For a Job

Unlike way back when you had to keep the hustle to yourself and send out applications with the hope that interested employers will get back to you, with social media, you can let everyone know what you are up to. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can make it known to your friends, followers, relatives or even potential employers that you are looking for a job as well as the position that you are interested in. Even though this may not get you a job instantly, but when your contacts hear of any job openings, they will get in touch with you, and this will increase your chances of getting a job compared to if you had to do it on your own.

It Helps You to Create a Large Network

Even though most people use social media sites such as Facebook mostly for fun, it does not mean that they cannot be used for something else. From the many friends you have, there could be professionals or people in high ranks that you could establish solid networks with. Most of the people you have as friends on social media sites are people who naturally know you better, and therefore they are more likely to help you find the job you are looking for. It is imperative to therefore create a professional looking profile that stands out and also has the right photo to go with it. Be sure to include only valuable information in your personal profile.

How Social Media Helps You to Remain Motivated

Motivation is the foundation for a successful job search, and social media has emerged to be one of those platforms that can help you do that. Sites such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn will make you visible out there. But in order to reap the benefits of these platforms, you will need to be active and participative. You should always take time to chat with your contacts and remind them from time to time that you are still looking for a job. Do not just post an update that you are looking for a job and then disappear. Even though people might be interested in helping you, it is human nature to sometimes forget.

Another way to stay motivated on social media when you are looking for a job is to join forums and discussion groups that are in line with what you are looking for. By doing this, you will be marketing yourself and as a result you will be increasing your chances of landing a job. Be sure to expand your network every day, and also help others. You might know of an opening somewhere that isn’t for you, but you could know of someone in your network on social media whom the job could be suitable for. Just one act of kindness like that could open windows of opportunity in future.