Can The Nokia N9 Match The Standards Set By The Samsung Galaxy S2?

Nokia have recently released details of their forthcoming smartphone the N9 which has attracted much interest due to its incorporation of a new operating system in the form of Meego. Meego is a collaboration between Nokia and Intel and looks set to compete directly with the likes of Android and Windows 7. Prior to this handsets announcement the model that was gaining the most media attention was undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S2. This model has proved a hit with both experts and consumers thanks to a perfect blend of looks and features. So can the Nokia N9 overshadow the Samsung or does the Galaxy S2 remain the best device of 2011?

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S2 one of the most striking aspects of the phone was the ultra slim depth which measures just 8.5mm. Combined with the angular design the phone is one of the best looking devices currently available and many models have unsuccessfully attempted to better this layout. In the N9 however we have a handset that may well rival the Galaxy S2 in this department. The display of the phone has been pushed to the limits on this model in the sense that there is barely any frame, the screen literally takes you to the very edge of the device. The screen also boasts a curved design which adds to the aesthetic value of this model. The Galaxy S2 has many admirers for its looks but perhaps the one area where you can feel slightly let down by this handset is the plastic back plate which differs from the more expensive feeling metal panel that was fitted on the original model. Despite the Nokia stealing ahead of the Samsung in terms of looks the Galaxy S2 gains some ground when we compare the two screens. Both models use a form of AMOLED technology with the Galaxy S2 using the superior Super AMOLED which enables it to achieve its wafer thin measurements. In addition to the higher quality the Samsung also offers a larger 4.3″ screen which despite making it better for multi media viewing does mean the 480 x 800 resolution is stretched a little further. The Nokia on the other hand offers a smaller 3.9 inch display with a higher 480 x 854 resolution which compensates for the slightly lesser technology that it uses.

With modern phones able to conduct all manner of tasks the processing power of the handset is becoming ever more vital. There really is no handset to rival the Samsung Galaxy S2 in this area thanks to its powerful dual core processor. The ARM Cortex A9 processor is clocked at a speed of 1.2Ghz which is the highest available on a mobile phone. The N9 is fairly well equipped in this area but just not to the extent of the Samsung. The ARM Cortex A8 chip offers 1Ghz which is a substantial speed but the chip does only offer a single core as opposed to Samsungs two. The major difference between these two models is when it comes down to the operating system. Android is firmly established and is the OS of choice for many users and only time will tell whether Meego can eventually rival this platform. The early signs are good but we have to back Android in this instance thanks to the wealth of downloads available together with HTCs faultless Sense user interface.

The Nokia N9 is an interesting and exciting addition to the marketplace but any high specification new phone is bound to be compared to the Galaxy S2 and in this case the Nokia comes very close but cannot quite match the overall package that the Samsung offers.